Clematis Will Goodwin

A hue of powdery blue that is unlike any other clematis, set off by a ruffled edge to the flowers that makes this one of the most beautiful that you can grow. Excellent for container culture, the clematis is compact and flowers abundantly.

Grow with other pastel hues for unforgettable color, we recommend Pink Fantasy and Hakuba.

Clematis Will Goodwin Specs

HEIGHT | 8-10 FT.
SPACING | 36-48 IN.


Questions about the Will Goodwin? ?

Check out our resource center for questions you have, problem solving, planting, pruning, watering or for any other information to help you care for your clematis plant. Also, don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions, it is our mission to illustrate how easy clematis is to grow and how versatile it can be. You can brighten your home with fresh cut clematis from your garden. You will be amazed to see how a long-stem clematis can transform a simple mix of cuts from the garden.

About Roseville Farms

We produce over 4,000,000 clematis plants every year and is the largest production facility in North America dedicated to clematis, which has long been hailed "queen of the vines", and for good reason. There is no other perennial vine that offers as much versatility in both form and color, and there has never been such abundant access to this plant than there is today. No other plant on the market has seen such a dramatic increase in availability of both old and new cultivars as the clematis. Today, every gardner can enjoy the clematis in their garden.


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