Clematis Sano-No-Murasaki™

Sano-no-murasaki is a clematis that showers your garden with blooms of an intense violet color, so much that the plant is named for the color violet in Japanese. The wave to the edge of the flowers, and large multi colored centers lend a festive mood to the flowers. Best grown in large containers, the compact plant belies the size of the flowers that it produces.

Grow in combination with lighter hued clematis such as ‘Henryi’ or ‘Hakuba’ to contrast the superb and long lasting blooms.

Sano-no-murasaki Specs:

HEIGHT | 6-8 FT.
SPACING | 36-48 IN.

Questions about your Clematis Sano-no-murasaki?

Visit our resource center for problem solving, planting, pruning, watering or other general information to best care for your clematis plant. Also, don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions, our expert gardeners are more than happy to give advice on adding allure to your garden!

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