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Amanda Marie

Sought after by collectors for it’s medium size with masses blooms.

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Violet Charm

Adds a charming touch to any summer bouquet.

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The most regal clematis. Excite your garden with these grape colored blooms!

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Marie Therese

New Zealand is known for some of the most beautiful clematis on earth, and ‘Marie Therese’ is no exception.

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Clematis Golden Tiara

PATENT: uspp#10952

GOLDEN TIARA, also known as ‘Kugotia’, is a striking addition to the mixed border. Feast your eyes on masses of golden yellow flowers that open fully to flaunt  beautiful deep purple centers. Raised in Holland, this summer blooming clematis is easy to grow, but coveted by collectors. Allow the plant to ramble through shrubs for best effect. Plant with clematis ‘Etoile Violette’ or ‘Ruutel’ for a bright combination.

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Clematis My Angel

Clematis My Angel, bred by Dutch nurseryman Wim Snoeijer, is a wonderful back of the landscape plant that will display a tremendous number of small, distinctive rosy reddish brown, yellow edged flowers in the late summer.  Foliage is an attractive green with a hint of blue.

Give the plant room to sprawl by using it where coverage is needed or where it can roam through small native trees and shrubs.

HEIGHT | 6-9 ft.
ZONES | 2-8


Price: $14.99

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*We are the exclusive propagator in North America