Harmonious and Contrasting Clematis and Rose Combinations

Clematis are a beautiful flower on their own, but can be absolutely stunning when paired with other flowers. Here is a list of clematis/rose combinations, paired in both harmonious and contrasting examples, that work very well.

Harmonious Rose and Clematis Combinations

  • Pink roses  and clematis ‘Ilka’
  • Red roses   and  clematis  ‘Minister’
  • Light yellow roses  and clematis ‘Pink Climador’
  • Cream roses  and  clematis ‘Hakuba’
  • White roses   and  clematis ‘Eyres Gift’
  • Pink roses  and  clematis ‘Piilu’
  • Deep pink roses  and clematis ‘Pink fantasy’
  • Deep pink roses  and clematis ‘snow queen’
  • Red roses  and  clematis ‘Phyllis’

Contrasting Rose and Clematis Combinations

  • White roses  and  clematis ‘Huvi’
  • Yellow roses  and  clematis ‘Silmakivi”
  • Orange roses  and  clematis ‘Reiman’
  • Red roses  and  clematis ‘Candida’
  • Pink roses  and  clematis ‘Fireworks’

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