Clematis and roses are not only the most classic combination in the garden, but they are highly compatible in several key areas.
Soil, planting guidelines ,spring pruning, bloom times and size compatibility are a few of the specifics that help the ‘king and queens of climbers’ partner up for eye popping displays In your garden.
Contrasting color palettes are easy, as roses have a plethora of yellow and orange colors available, the perfect foil to the great selection of blue and purple clematis.
Whether you opt for a harmonious color palette or a contrasting pairing, roses and clematis blooming together is something that every garden should experience.

Clematis are a beautiful flower on their own, but can be absolutely stunning when paired with other flowers. Here is a list of clematis/rose combinations, paired in both harmonious and contrasting examples, that work very well.

Harmonious Rose and Clematis

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