Growing clematis in containers is a great choice for many gardeners who are looking for interesting and beautiful flowering plants for decks, patios, or even containers to place out within borders and gardens.

While selecting the right container is a matter of both taste and budget, virtually any containers are useful ( thick plastic, ceramic or composite all work well). Select a container that is 2 to 4 times the size of the container the plant is currently in, and don’t hesitate to plant clematis combinations in larger containers.

Clematis in containers need regular water and fertilizer, as well as a support of some type to grow on. This can be as simple as a tripod of bamboo, or something more ornamental.

Containers with clematis can also be placed at the base of an arch or a more substantial support within the garden, or at the base of a shrub, allowing the shrub to provide the support for the stems.

Time release fertilizer can be used in the medium in the container, then reapplied on the top of the soil as directed. Concentrated liquid or powder fertilizer that you dilute into a watering can is also a good choice for containered clematis.

Growing Clematis in Winter

Excessive moisture on a dormant clematis is something to avoid, so consider this when you decide what to do in the winter with your container grown clematis.

In winter, clematis containers can be moved to … Read more