When your new clematis plants arrive or you purchase clematis and bring them home, it’s time to think about how you will grow them, including when and where you will plant them.
We recommend that your clematis have enough root mass to reach to the bottom of a gallon pot. This translates to about 8 inches of root length, with ample lateral roots and actively growing white tips on some of the roots.
If your new clematis plants from any source are not ready to plant in the ground, growing them for a interim period in larger containers than they are currently in while they produce more roots will help ensure your clematis get off to a good start in ground.
Spring and early fall are the ideal times in most gardens for planting clematis outside, as precipitation and temperatures tend to be more moderate at these times.
Clematis plants that are going to be grown in containers can be planted in their new containers any time during your growing season.
Growing clematis in larger containers, even for a period of years is a beautiful option for some in the garden, or on the patio or deck.

When your clematis plants are ready to be planted outside, start by selecting a location in an area that has good drainage.

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