In nature, clematis species are not pruned by mankind, and they survive, so it is good to relax and realize that you will not harm your plant with your decision to prune or not prune.
Modern pruning recommendations are helpful as a guideline for growing the plants in containers or in ground. It is helpful to think of pruning as a gardening style vs. a mandate….after all Grandma’s purple clematis on the porch was never pruned and it was beautiful!
Pruning recommendations are just that, recommendations. For ease of understanding, clematis plants are identified as type 1, 2 and 3. In some areas clematis plants are sold as type A, B and C.
The main reasons for pruning clematis are to establish a tidy presentation on some sort of support, encourage healthy vigorous growth and maximize the flowering potential.
All newly planted clematis benefit from pruning at least once in their first year in the ground. This helps the plant focus on establishing roots.
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Pruning Type 1 Clematis Flowers

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